Tuesday Toes-Day or Love Your Enemies

As a kid I’ve always dreaded those particular day of the week attacks from the more aggressive pranksters in elementary school who would surprise you while in the lunch line, or attendance line, waiting to enter the classroom with an unsuspecting hard stomp to the top of your now noticeably thin tennis shoes, with a triumphal shout of “Tuesday Toes-day!”

I’ve always felt like there was some sort of target on my back or in this case my shoes for aggression or abuse while growing up and sometimes even in adulthood, but the reality was I’d simply been living out a victim mentality, with some of my own assistance in placing that target on my back, forehead, foot, (you name it) body part.

Now that I’ve shed a majority of victim attitudes and body language and have matured quite a lot, I realize it can be easy to go the other extreme and be the aggressor myself; fight before being fought, strike first or get struck, or ditch a relationship before being ditched and of course the extreme of just hating everyone who hurts you or making bad assumptions regarding people before you find out what they’ve been through; if their own toes have been mercilessly smashed by just plain mean people.

We have a tendency to jump to conclusions at times and I myself just recently found I was doing the same once again and had to remind myself to love your enemies not just those who do good to you because it doesn’t stop there. But even praying for the ones who persecute you like the crowd who would completely ‘mashtigate’ my name. It is Leticia not le-tissue, tissue , toilet tissue, tissue paper etc., see what I mean? Those are childish but true examples (it gets worse in adulthood) of mean kids especially when you’re as sensitive as I was.

I Recently found myself starting to judge someone by the flamboyant articulation of their experiences and outlook on life instead of finding out more about them and why they might be so prone to emotionalism. People are all different and cut from different cloths, as God would have it, no one is just like you or me and people can be very colorful and funny sometimes (different) you know what I mean? I’m simply saying stop, consider how Jesus loved everyone and was patient more than we all deserve. So if our Creator can love His creation and have a heart of mercy we can do no less to one another. Have mercy, be gentle, patient and show Christ’s love while you dig a little deeper into their world and discover who they really are.

Most likely they need your help and wisdom in the things of life, their Christian walk or to hear the Gospel and how Christ died and paid the price for them to live, so they too can love others and repeat the process. So I hereby say a happy Tuesday Toes-day minus the ‘mashtigation’ (my own vocab) to your digits.


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