I’m a Gambling Man (woman)

I don’t like casinos, if not just for the smoke and seedy atmosphere, I don’t see the point of putting out money when there’s no guarantee of a return like a nice pair of shoes or something I can use. To be honest I was a gambler of the worst kind and I never even knew it. I took my life in my own hands and lost all, short of my life, because I gambled on believing I was going to get a good deal if I played life by my own rules. I didn’t know those rules belonged to slew-foot.

Perhaps some of you today are guilty of gambling if not in secret than openly not with folding money per se but with something that is priceless that you truly cannot even afford to gamble with; your life, your eternal soul that will definitely live on after the mortal body dies and is buried 6 feet under and ‘pushing up daisies’ as a school friend used to say. There is either the elevator up or down. ‘It is appointed unto men once to die, and then the judgment’.

Maybe the sense or feeling in your head says ‘just one more deal, one more try, one more sexual relationship, it can’t hurt and if it doesn’t work out this time, I’ll stop’. Perhaps you’re caught up in a sin that is so addicting that of your own volition you cannot stop because it is such a besetting sin it’s one that owns you. It is guaranteed to take you down. As God said to Cain “..if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door.” Sin IS crouching at the door and we all have opened to it and invited sin in like a familiar smiling friend barely acknowledging his power over us but making him (sin) comfortable and getting comfortable with him.

We’ve all been there comfy and familiar with the gambling side in all of us to different degrees but always playing the next round for a better hand or payout. I don’t know why I was convinced that I could get it right by my own efforts and wishes. I was really dreaming and fantasizing that I would win and get my dreams with that next spin of the wheel which promised perfect romantic love with ‘Prince Charming’. Sadly the house always won in the end and I lost and was enslaved even more like a bad deal with the mob.

Sure we walk away ‘lucky’ sometimes and that’s the gamble there you see because there are no guarantees and no one is promised tomorrow even if you do win it’s still a loss because now you are enslaved to gamble again and again. The gamble is the lie the risky behavior in hopes of an outcome based on a fantasy of your dreams and convinced that we hold the key to power, happiness or promises of a utopian life if we could just get it right. This should sound strangely familiar as I recall some dark character told a young woman in a garden that she could be like God if she’d only listened to her feelings and took a gamble that maybe, just maybe, what God told her was not true.

I want to yell “don’t do it, it’s a lie, a sham and it’s all smoke and mirrors with bad actors and heavy makeup!” But you will just open that stinkin’ door and serve up a cup of ‘joe’ to that familiar friend sin. I hate him, gamble, and you should too. He’s a slippery one.

Stick to the familiar road. Ask for the ancient paths.

Author: Leticia Peacher


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