Wedding Supper of the Lamb

I’m fixated on being ready. It could be any minute any day but there are signs and signals that must come first before our Lord comes for us. Two years ago we were impressed to study Matthew 24 and to teach on the signs and signals that would come as birth pangs before the tribulation. surprising-labor-and-delivery-facts-woman-in-labor-full

We are deep in it now folks, every news outlet that is in touch with world events shows the evidence like a disaster or apocalyptic film however it’s real and not on the big screen but we are in the middle of it in 3-D.

I’ve also been watching Quake Feed on my phone app. Every day I received reports of quakes across our globe most noticeably around the ‘ring of fire’. So many countries being hit repeatedly by 5+ quakes that I cannot imagine what fear they must be feeling. I also wonder what have each country’s leaders done with the statehood of Israel or the outright rejection of God. France recently has been hit with flooding while they push for a two-state solution for Israel. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Are any of us ready? A bride prepares a year in advance for her wedding day. Every detail must be in order from the wedding guest list to the dress and beautifying herself for her husband on that special day.  68dafed679e3baad188db3e9a3180367Everything must be perfect and ready. No doubt He will come for his bride, but no man knows the day or the hour.

So too we are to make ourselves ready and to not sleep. The hour is coming and the bride groom’s Father is preparing his wedding table and house for His Son to receive her.

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