Excerpt from Shadow of the Beast

We have observed how an older generation of Pentecostal preachers wept as televangelists made mainstream the imitators of heretics such as William Branham, E. W. Kenyon, and A. A. Allen, who the early Pentecostals rejected as deceivers. Again the world laughed as the money preachers discredited the Church, and Satan once more had a field day as hireling pastors refused to shield the sheep from the wolves. It got to the point where not only the false doctrine and clinically undocumented healings attributed to a pathetic figure like Todd Bentley were not enough to keep him out of ministry, but neither was open adultery when he abandoned his wife and children and took off with another woman. Rather, he was “restored to ministry” by Rick Joyner. The alleged prophecies of Joyner, C. Peter Wagner, Che Ahn, Bill Johnson, Cindy Jacobs, and others regarding this immoral man all proved to be false predictions, yet people still tolerated them. The same was no less true of Mike Bickel’s Kansas City (False) Prophets. Despite the sexual immorality of Bob Jones and the homosexuality and alcoholism of Paul Cain on top of their false prophecies such devious deceivers were allowed to stay in ministry, still winning the fervor of the naïve and undiscerning. It has for many years been my contention that if people claiming to be saved Christians cannot see through obvious deceivers such as Benny Hinn, multiple divorcee Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, and Todd Bentley, what will happen when real deception comes when a satanically empowered Antichrist is able to perform acts that are truly supernatural? Yet with the Emergent Church the state of affairs has degenerated even further into mysticism and the rejection of Scripture as propositional truth due to figures such as Brian McLaren. A long list of Inclusivists and Universalists claiming to be Christian, bearing the names of William Young (author of The Shack), Brennan Manning (author of The Ragamuffin Gospel), and Britain’s Steve Chalke, openly deny that Christ died for sin, while Tony Campolo, Colin Chapman, and others no longer hold to salvation through professed faith in Christ alone. In light of these trends we are once again confronted by the ugly reality that the apostate church is no longer simply Roman Catholicism, Liberal Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, or pseudo-Christian cults such as the Mormons. It now includes much of what was accepted as “Evangelical.” As Christ is building His Church, Satan is likewise building his. While the Holy Spirit prepares the Bride for the coming of the Bridegroom, the spirit of antichrist prepares the harlot for the coming of the Beast. And his harlot church will include many who are claiming to be “born-again.”

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