How Much Longer Lord?

I cried tonight and prayed Oh God how much longer? I saw the image of a beautiful little baby perhaps 4 months old, sleeping comfortably on his little bed next to a printed number of 43,800,000 abortions worldwide in 1 year. The cold hard numbers in the British Medical Journal news article is unbelievable and horrifying. Now that I am a grandmother of two little elementary age girls and a soon to be 1 year old little boy, born out of wedlock yet alive and given the chance at life, I grieve bitterly for those not so given the gift of life. How much longer Lord? How many more deaths, killings before you bring Your justice? My throat is tight and the unimaginable thought of their sudden pain I cannot bring myself to dwell on more than a split-second for these precious little one’s torn from their mothers wombs.

I was unexpectedly pregnant at 19 and only married for six months at the time I realized I was expecting. I was overjoyed knowing that I would be a mommy. My ex-husband at the time being young as I and just as immature suggested I have an abortion. I never entertained such an idea as it made absolutely no sense to me because I believed children were a good and wonderful thing. I was not a Christian at that time of my life, but believed there was a God out there and that killing what I knew was a living human life inside of me seemed ridiculous and immoral.

I feel so powerless and weak. The unborn cannot speak or tell us what we already know, that if given a choice THEY would say ‘I want to live’. God help us, to help them. Here is a ministry I just learned of that is rescuing and saving babies from their deaths and helping mothers to realize that every life matters including their unborn, voiceless babies.

Vianey Alive Missions


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