“The Circle Maker” and other occult books, at your local Christian Book Seller

Deception In The Church
Deception In The Church

I was searching for a solid church for my elderly dad to attend in San Jose, when I was told by their receptionist that they use Lifeway study materials. I researched Lifeway online and found that Lifeway.com book sellers stock, promote and sell many New Age, occult-based and Catholic mysticism authors, passing them for ‘Christian’ to the undiscerning, such as christiandom’s southern darling author Beth Moore, Joyce Meyers, Sarah Young, Mark Batterson, Max Lucado and many others.  You probably have one or more of these authors on your book shelf because your bible study leader or pastor recommended it and you trusted their authority implicitly. We did too, until the Lord woke us up to the deception in OUR church.

Deception IS in the church and is most likely in YOURS to one degree or another and is going unchecked. The pew sitters have no clue the wool has been pulled over their eyes and ears. People don’t take Satan seriously and worse many don’t take God seriously. Sadly most will continue to attend, financially support and never challenge the pastor or leadership because of biblical illiteracy and not knowing the difference between truth and a lie, or right and almost right.

Pastors and group leaders are introducing heresy into the body of Christ and no one is the wiser, after all they’re in a position of authority they MUST be right and they would never mislead us right? Can you detect my sarcasm? I was actually told this by a woman who attends and defends the church of our former self-appointed apostle/pastor and his wife for their aggressive support of false prophets and teachers alike. Whatever happened to checks and balances and searching the scriptures to see if such things are so? (Acts 17:11). The death of discernment is actually alive and well AND quite profitable for that matter, both in the bible bookstore and in the institutionalized church.

Such is our human (fallen) nature to continue in a co-dependent and enabling relationship. We do it with our political leaders, we do it with our spouses and our kids, why should church be any different? Besides it’s just too much trouble to ask the right questions (if you know what those are) and we’re too comfortable and don’t want to make waves or God forbid lose our friends! That’s another blog for another time. It’s happening now in more churches than you think and it’s on the increase (Matthew 24).

What is terribly sad is we are not willing to give up friendships, family and loved ones for truth. The love of the world feels so much better and emotionally satisfying, than the One that loved us first. Our first love has grown cold (Revelation 2:4, 3:14-19). We prefer our spiritual snuggie in the apostatized church rather than pursue ACTUAL biblical truth, found in the bible alone the Word of God and Jesus Christ the Word made flesh.



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