Matthew 21:1-22

Our women’s bible fellowship Sophronizō, is studying through the gospel of Matthew. We are currently at the end of chapter 21. Chapter 21 is summed up in this: Christ must be accepted on His terms, not ours.  It is the difference between being religious verses entering into a personal, spiritual relationship. Where Israel is concerned, these three signs revealed her true character at His First Coming:

  1. Their rejection of Him as the Suffering Servant at what we call “The Triumphal Entry” revealed Israel’s blindness.
  2. His final work in the Temple revealed Israel’s inward corruption.
  3. His cursing of the fig tree reveled Israel’s outward fruitlessness.

Where everyone is concerned, the requirement is to not just accept Christ the King on HIs terms and particularly through the work of the cross, but to then live a completely changed life thereafter, bearing fruit in accordance with His Word and ways.  Faith is proven by following it up with exclusive obedience to God’s Word and ways which not only changes us on the inside (like the work in the Temple), but producing visible fruit for the Kingdom (like the fig tree).

Please join us each Wednesday women’s Sophronizō group, 10:30 a.m. for deep bible study for women at Plumas Lake House Church.

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